1982 – 2004 HARLEY 4000 LUMEN H4 LED & HD LENS CONVERSION KIT (5 3/4″ or 7″)



  • Compare our set to Daymakers , $$$$ Hundreds less than Genuine Daymaker and far, far brighter than the Daymaker knockoffs.
  • Keeps your bike all Harley and updates the look to current HD Lens Design, Chose 5 3/4 or 7 Inch depending on Your HD
  • 1 X  7″ Genuine HD lens, reconditioned to as new
  • Complete with our 5 Start Super Bright 4000Lumen LED to make conversion fast and easy
  • Includes Simple, easy Instructions. Nothing else to buy, add cut or modify
  • Compare to HD Daymaker, as bright, wider deeper beam pattern.
  • Superior Daytime visibility to other traffic
  • See photos …Daymaker vs Paradise Light Conversion.
  • Lifetime LED Warranty from Paradise Lights LLC, USA


Harley Davidson Motorcycles were equipped with Sealed Beam (1 piece glass lens and sealed filament) on most of their production bikes thru 2005. Some were converted to lenses with a removable bulb earlier, some later. Please feel free to call or text us anytime if not sure.

Keep your classic  Harley Davidson looking classic and original.  Genuine HD Lens and our 5 Star Paradise Lights 4000 Lumen LED to make your conversion to LED easy. We have taken all the work out of converting your classic ride with sealed beam headlight to the latest style Harley Lens and our 3rd Generation LED’s.

Our Harley conversion kit fits all Harley Davidson FL series with a single headlight with the older technology of ‘sealed beam’ style lights.  The kit is 100% plug & play, include original factory Harley Davidson OEM 7″ Lens, the center main headlight LED to make your conversion to LED fast and easy.

Full instructions with photos included.

Simple tools required, Philips screwdriver & needlenose pliers.

Lifetime LED Warranty from Paradise Lights LLC, USA